What does Unplugged Vacation Mean?

“Unplugged?” You Ask

A stay at the Whitney Pond cabin provides you with a century old Maine experience offering a comfortable get-away in the Maine woods with only the basic amenities. There is no electricity to operate electronic devices. The lights, refrigerator and cook stove operate on propane. The location is remote enough to prevent most cell and smart phones from connecting to service. “Unplugged” at Whitney Pond means you and your kids can spend extended time enjoying each others company without the distractions of incoming text messages, emails, phone calls and the temptation of screen time over family time.

“Unplugged” means you can “disconnect” so that you can enjoy “reconnecting” with family, friends, nature or your own inner being. “Unplugged” at Whitney Pond means you can enjoy a totally spontaneous day immersed in your surroundings or plan for those missing moments in your daily life like taking that early morning swim while the coffee is still brewing. It means you can take a morning stroll through the surrounding forest and sunbathe overlooking the pond in the afternoon. “Unplugged” means you can explore as your paddle glides you gracefully around the pond and gets you closer to the blue herons, songbirds, beavers and occasional eagle – not to mention the stunning landscape. If fish is to your liking, you can try your skill at providing the “catch of the day” for dinner. And after a very satisfying day ‘being unplugged’ means you can relax while ‘supervising the sunset.’ All of this and more can happen without distraction as you spend time “unplugged” and electronic free.