Are Pets allowed?

Yes.  The property is pet friendly and dogs are permitted. Please be sure to clean up!

Who to contact if cabin issues arise such as housekeeping upon arrival, unable to unlock doors, lack of propane, or other facility related matters?

As soon as possible, guests should contact: the land trust office at 207.925.1056 or by email at [email protected] We will make every attempt to respond to your concerns in a prompt and thorough manner.
We are aware of guest arrivals and departures. Efforts will be made to ensure you find the cabin neat, clean and ready for your enjoyment. Additionally, the land trust will make every attempt to have a person available to respond promptly, if the need arises.

Who to contact in case of emergency?

Guests should call 911 in the case of fire or medical emergency. Guests need to be aware that cell phone coverage may require someone leaving the property and travelling 1-2 miles to reach cell coverage and have the ability to call 911 for help. Guests should plan accordingly and pack basic first aid supplies and be prepared in the event the need arises.

How far to the nearest grocery store, drug store, etc.?

Melby’s Store at the intersections of Route 35 and Five Kezars Road is approximately 3 miles away. Many groceries and personal care supplies can be found there and the store includes a popular diner. The nearest larger grocery and drug stores can be found approximately 20 miles away in the towns of Bridgton or Norway.

Is boating available?

The cabin includes use of an aluminum row boat and canoe. Paddles and life jackets are also provided, but additional PFDs may be preferred. Guests are encouraged to bring their own kayaks, inner tubes and inflatables.

How is the swimming?

Whitney Pond is a shallow, warm water pond. There is a rustic swim dock. The pond is seven to nine feet deep off the end of the dock. The water is not crystal clear Maine lake water because of the slight discoloration (eg. coffee colored) from the natural tannins. But it is quite swimmable. Exuberant swimmers may stir up silts and fines from the bottom that can cause some temporary murkiness of the water. The pond is weedy, but there is weed free swimming for a good distance off the end of the dock and beyond.

Will I have cell phone coverage?

There is no cell service at the property, although some guests have reported an occasional spotty signal. While some carriers can access cell phone coverage along the access road a few hundred feet from the cabin, guests should expect to travel 1-2 miles away from the cabin to find cell coverage. Coverage is available at Melby’s store approximately 3 miles away.

Does the cabin have electricity?

No. All appliances (refrigerator, cook stove and cabin lights), operate on propane. There is a battery-operated radio and minimal battery-operated lights. Guest should leave electrical items, such as hair dryers or electric pumps for inflatables, at home as no power plug-in is available.

Is the cabin heated?

There cabin has a small wood stove in the kitchen and a fireplace in the living room that take the chill off in damp or cool weather. They are not sufficient to heat the cabin in the cold weather generally associated with the months of November through April.
There is an enclosed brick fireplace outdoors for grilling, s’more’s or evening enjoyment.
In all cases, guests are asked to be extremely careful in tending of open fires and never leave them unattended. Please avoid outdoor fires in windy conditions. Keep fires small for enjoyment and do not exceed the capacity of the brick enclosure to contain. When managing fires, it’s important to remember that the remoteness of the cabin and lack of cell phone coverage, mean that emergency response could take a long time.
Firewood is provided and guests are asked to use only what they need for enjoyment and warmth. Please use conservatively so wood can be made available to other guests.

Are towels, linens and bedding provided?

No. Each of the double beds has a mattress, mattress cover and quilt. Guests are expected to bring their own sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases.

Guests should also bring their own bathing and beach towels.

How many people can the cabin accommodate?

A bedroom with double bed is on the first floor.

In the loft there are two double beds and plenty of room for people to sleep on the floor using their own padding. The loft is an open 20×30 room.

The living area has two bed-length window benches with cushions. There is space for a few more people in the living area using their own padding.

Guests are welcome to bring tenting supplies and camp out in the yard or the wooded campsite behind the cabin.  A realistic maximum is 12 persons.


What are the kitchen facilities?

The kitchen includes a stove and refrigerator (operated by propane), a “dry” kitchen sink with grey water disposal drain, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery, counters, breakfast bar and propane lighting. (Cleaning supplies are also provided to assist guests in leaving the cabin is as good or better shape than when they arrived.)

What are the bathroom facilities?

The cabin includes a detached outhouse, which is clean and comfortable. Guests are asked to only dispose of human waste and toilet paper in the pit toilet. Pine shavings are provided and guests are asked to sprinkle some into the pit after each use to aid in composting. AI separate disposal container is provided for personal toiletries.

Does the Whitney Pond Cabin have running water?

No, there is no water supply or plumbing in the cabin. Guests must bring their own drinking water.

The kitchen sink provides a greywater drain. Wash water can be taken from the pond and heated for washing dishes and bathing.

(Bottled water is available at Melby’s Store, approximately 3 miles away).