Directions to the Whitney Pond Cabin

Note: GPS units are relatively unreliable in this region and guests should not solely rely upon them to get to their destination.

Because there are no electric lights at Whitney Pond Cabin, we strongly suggest arriving in daylight to ease locating the cabin and the settling in.

It is recommended that guests use their mapping tools and skills to locate Melby’s Store at the intersection of Route 35 and the Five Kezar Road in Waterford, Maine. Use this as a starting point to complete their journey to the cabin.

From Melby’s Store, travel west on the 5 Kezars Road for 0.4 miles to Roscoe Drive, on the right across from a small cemetery.

Turn right onto Roscoe Drive and travel approximately 0.5 miles to Whitney Pond Road on left. (Note: Roscoe Drive is a shared use road with ATV trail users. Please drive slowly, be alert to potential ATV’s and use care to avoid potential obstacles.)

Turn left onto the Whitney Pond Road and travel 0.4 miles to a fork. Stay straight (right) at the fork and travel 0.2 miles until you arrive at the cabin.

( Note: Arrows with the letters “GLLT” will be placed along Roscoe Drive and the Whitney Pond Road to guide guests to the Cabin).

Latitude:      44.233450° N or  44°14’0.42″N

Longitude:  -70.793739° W or 70°47’37.46″W