Cabin and Swim Dock

The cabin is a 20 x 30 two-story, very well maintained rustic structure overlooking a nine-acre pond surrounded by 64 privately owned acres in a very remote setting. The cabin includes an upstairs sleeping loft. The downstairs includes a living room, bedroom and kitchen area. There is a covered porch off the first floor overlooking the pond.

Before making reservations, potential guests should understand the nature of the remote setting and its rustic amenities. These offer a century-old experience uncommon in southwestern Maine. Utilities run on propane, the bathroom is an outhouse and the swimming is enjoyable but can intimidate those not accustomed to the tannin-stained brown waters in Maine’s shallow, warm water ponds.

Highly affordable rates.  It is available, by reservation only, for a rental of $35 per person per night. Children 12 and under are free. The maximum per night fee is $125 to assist in affordability for large families or multi family vacations. The recommended minimum stay is 3-7 nights, with the possibility of longer stays by special arrangement in advance. Each person making a reservation will be asked for contact information so that a land trust representative can be in touch before the start of the rental period and afterward, if needed.

The place is pet friendly — dogs are permitted.


Access is via a two-mile rough dirt road navigable by suv’s, pick-up trucks or other vehicles with high clearance. A minimum eight-inch clearance is recommended for non-suv’s.

  • There is no electricity. All amenities operate on propane.
  • There is no drinking water and guests should bring what they need.
  • Dish water and bathing water can be taken from the pond and heated on the stove
  • Cell phone reception is unlikely though some have had success with limited service along the access road. Reliable cell service is available near Melby’s Store in North Waterford about 3 miles away.
  • There is an outhouse. Toilet paper not provided, though some for emergency use will be available.
  • Wood is provided for the fireplace.

There is a swim dock. The pond is seven feet deep off the end. The water is not crystal clear Maine lake water because of the slight discoloration from the natural tannins. But it is quite swimmable. The pond is weedy. However there is weed free swimming for a good distance off the end of the dock and beyond.

An aluminum rowboat and canoe are available.


Downstairs there is a bedroom with one double bed. In the living area there are two bed-length window benches with cushions. A few more people can sleep on the floor if they bring padding. In the loft there are two double beds and plenty of room for people to sleep on the floor, again if they bring padding.


  • Screened windows
  • A large central fireplace in the living room
  • Many chairs
  • A breakfast bar and kitchen with sink (not running water)
  • A kitchen equipped with cutlery, glassware, plates, pots and pans, knives, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • A 4-burner propane cook stove
  • A propane-operated refrigerator
  • A small wood-fired cook stove
  • Propane lights throughout

Guests will need to provide their own transportation in, their own bedding, food and drinking water. Wash water can be taken from the pond. Guests also need to understand the rustic nature of the property before deciding to stay.
Guests are expected to pack out their trash and leave the building and grounds as they found them or better.



Pond view west to southThe rental season officially begins June 1 and ends November 15.

Preseason, post season and winter requests will be considered subject to seasonal access. The road is not plowed in winter and not recommended for use during mud season, typically from March 15 to April 15.

The cabin is available from either 2 pm Friday through 12 pm Monday or 2 pm Monday through 12 pm Thursday. The minimum rental duration is two nights. The maximum rental is seven nights unless previous arrangements are made.

There is a small general store and restaurant (Melby’s) about a 15 -minute drive back into civilization. There are also larger groceries stores in Norway or Bridgton both about 35 minutes away.